Saris Roof Rack System


JORBA: Sourlands
Saris doesn't make roof racks anymore, but back when I bought this system, it was pretty sweet. The cross bars expand and contract by rotating the knobs on the ends and easily come on and off the car. Comes with keys to lock the rotation so thieves can't lift it off the car. Current feet are for a 2003-2006 Honda Accord (i think that's the year range) but if you're handy, you can probably make it work for another vehicle. Bought in 2002 and saw extensive use but still works great and has been sitting in the basement since 2013 when i got a hitch. Just sold my Honda so now I REALLY have no use for it. Currently just has the 1 fork-mount tray mounted but i have the hardware somewhere for a 2nd. The Sidearm I'm selling in a separate post was also attached to these bars so that's something you can do. I will also throw in a Fork-Up if needed to make the fork-mount work with thru-axle forks. I have no idea what this is worth anymore but make me an offer.
Available to view and test fit on your vehicle in Madison, just PM me.