rv trail maintenance?


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kinda just throwing this idea out here, I've been riding here for years and it's one of my new regular rides

Would anyone want to get together and improve some of the trails here? I think this place has a lot of potential to be a better place to ride.

Now I'm not too sure about what legal actions need to be done to get the ball rolling, but I'd be more than willing to do a lot, I recently joined jorba, and wouldn't mind talking to someone about it


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We have a few people interested in RV trail maintenance, and some long time JORBA/MTBNJ people who should be doing a few days there this year. Shoot me an email: seebeck@jorba.org for more info, and keep an eye out here for trail maintenance dates posted in the spring/summer. Cheers.


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Rode by there today, still lots of snow on the trails. My guess is it won't be much fun on Sat.


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ok, i give - i'd like to talk about ken too.

keep me in the loop - my chaps just arrived, hopefully don't ever need them.


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RV maintenance sounds good, count me in, heading over now
Please post up how it goes. I think you will report that it is a mess. We rode around it Wednesday on the road and it was more white there than here. Hope I'm wrong on that one.