Rotor Orientation?

Discussion in '"Shop" Talk' started by w_b, Feb 16, 2017.



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  1. w_b

    w_b Well-Known Member

    central jersey
    I was looking at this Kona that sold recently on here and couldn't help but notice the beefy looking rear and what appears to be the rotor on backwards:

    Is this correct? A special rotor design that deliberately stresses it in the wrong direction? I know, the crepe they got me working on here in the office really makes me dig deep now and then on the recent posts list....

    Maybe I will be trendy and flip my rotors too. Add "a little compliance" to my braking, yeah , that's the ticket.
  2. Karate Monkey

    Karate Monkey Well-Known Member

    Hylex brakes? So, it's a road bike/CX? It'll probably (TM) be all right (with a rotor that size). It's still not smart, though.

    I'd switch it if it were my bike.
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  3. jimvreeland

    jimvreeland Shop: Hilltop Bicycles Shop Keep

    What's more intriguing is how someone ended up doing that despite all the writing on the opposite side saying not to.
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  4. w_b

    w_b Well-Known Member

    central jersey
    I got another rear wheel that might need some TLC @jimvreeland

    actually it definitely does.
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