Rocky Point 50 - Race

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  1. Dustin

    Dustin New Member

    No aid stations. The laps will pass the parking area and a straight section of fire road similar to Stewart.

    You should be good with the same gearing.

    No camping on site.
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  2. Dustin

    Dustin New Member

    There will be a drink station right near the pit/finish area
  3. Jesseh87

    Jesseh87 New Member

    How far is parking from pit area? Trying to decide if I want to get up that early. Lol You guys doing tshirts or anything?
  4. Dustin

    Dustin New Member

    I apologise I missed this.

    Parking can be 10-100ft from any car is my best guess. We had a great day fitting all the vehicles in the main field that we cut for the race. It worked out great.

    We did tee shirts.:)

    It was a great race and there were some fast guys that really were impressive to watch race on that trail for the first time. It's a long time local spot for a very large number of riders so we had a lot of racers just glad that it was happening there. The course was almost perfect with some last minute changes and I think it actually came out to 50! I averaged all the numbers I'm seeing on Strava

    Here's the results:

    We want to do it bigger and better next year. 2 length options. More snacks.
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  5. Tionegear

    Tionegear Member

    Fair Lawn NJ
    This was a great race - they put on a good show for a first year promoter and race- the distance was perfect in that even the front group barely had to deal with the slower riders and vice versa. The mass start was also a great idea- there were def no arguments about who should go first...
  6. AlexAlex

    AlexAlex New Member

    Great race - I rode on my CX bike and had a great (if back-thrashing) time. Has anyone put up pics yet?

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