Rocky Point 50 - Race


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Hey all,

We're putting on a race! its Sept 10th, 2017 in the Rocky Point trails on Long Island.

Many of us Paniagua guys love doing the MTBNJ races and hope to get lots of you guys out here for this one.

The Course is being finalized and its format is 3 laps of 17 miles each, all on the East side of Rocky point yaphank Rd. Its going to be a fast course with a few miles of fire roads mixed in per lap and the rest is singletrack.

All proceeds are going to Alzheimers

Bike reg page:

Thanks in advance and we hope to see you out there!


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1st year of the race so we're keeping it simple. Next year SS and other categories will get added.. Just hang tough with the geared guys Mitch


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1st year of the race so we're keeping it simple. Next year SS and other categories will get added.. Just hang tough with the geared guys Mitch
I hear ya. Those Rocky Point guys are fast. Even Peri on his Fat Bike.
Good luck with this.
Question im new to riding this course and would love to race it this weekend but would like to pre ride it on friday is the course mapped out or mark and if not can i download a gpx file from anywhere...thanks in advance


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The course has a couple sections that we cannot allow people to ride any other day besides during the race. Sorry for that but it would not be safe with the normal flow of traffic in there.

The entire race will take place on the East side of the trails/road and never cross the road into any of the west side.

There are fire roads in the course that are normally never ridden that will connect the loops.

They won't be marked on Friday unfortunately because this is a very popular trail and we cannot impede on normal riders so we're marking it just before the race.

If you'd like to go ride the course on Friday or any other day you would just need to basically ride the East side a couple times and you'd be riding most of the loop of the course minus some fire roads so you'll be riding all the same stuff as all the local guys so no one has any advantages. If you'd like a guide PM Me and I'll see who will be around Friday to go for a ride with you.


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I'm on the fence with this race and my distance and training up to this point may let me actually finish it!

Since this will potentially be my first 50 mile race and I love to over prepare for every activity, I have a couple of questions:

will there be any stocked aid stations or do we just setup our own feed station in a designated area on the course?

I'll be entering SS open, any local advice on typical gearing run there? I've never been on the trails out there. For reference I ran 34x18 at single speed a palooza this year at stewart and felt pretty good about it. Not sure how that would scale to 51 miles vs 28 though...

Looking forward to the suffering!