replacement for OLD School fork


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Can anyone offer advice on replacing the old bouncy rock shox indy fork on my "around-town" bike? Its quite annoying to bounce so badly while climbing. Is there stiffer springs that can be swapped in? Any suggestions on a cheap air fork that could replace it? The bike is a 1997 Gary Fisher Hoo Koo E Koo.
INDY Fork.jpg



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Sweet Hookoo! I have the same one and picked up an old Bomber Z1 for it from someone on here. I've seen 26" forks posted in the for sale section semi-recently so go do a search there or post in the wanted section. And wow, they still sell aftermarket elastomer kits?


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Haha ! That was my Z1..we took a spin through Wayway when you picked it up. If i remeber correctly my rear mech was acting up during the ride. Hope that fork is working out for you.