Raritan 911: Robocop


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This paragraph here almost had me pissing my pants:
BB mumbled that she wanted to get a few things done prior to dealing with us at the door. I apologize, rather sincerely, that her day was interrupted by our presence. I explained that in the future, she can do things around the house whenever she likes if she doesn't steal from our stores and piss and shit her pants in the parking lot. BB only managed to glare at me.
Great stuff!


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Shoprite dropped off a few food trays at the station today. I sent Dee a pic of the trays, stating that at least someone in the community took care of us.

Dee quickly responded that Shoprite takes care of us because we take care of the customers who shit and piss themselves throughout the year.

Well played, well played.


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People are smart, aren't they?
This is where you show up with a millennial officer, and give them a quick pep-talk before getting out of the car. "I believe in you kid. I'm going to let you take the lead on this one, it's your time." Then try not to crack up.

Serious question, how do you maintain composure during these types of calls?