Out of Shape Group Rides - Take me to your park!


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As of right now, Sunday works for me @C8N

@Kangdoy As far as getting grub afterwards I'd be down I just need to see if I can borrow my friend of girl SUV to get keep the bike in.
Cool! If you can't get the SUV, you can put your bike on my roof rack. It's got locks. Or you can store in the trunk of my car. If @C8N makes it, I'm sure he has room in his SUV as well?


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So you are looking for a riding partner and a date?!?!
IN! :eek:
Thinking of maybe checking out Chimney Rock Inn restaurant afterwards. Never been there before. @fidodie have you been? Wonder if they'll cater to sweaty bikers that smell like bug spray...
sweaty and smelly is ok - but bring a change of clothes. Your nether region will thank you.

that is all i ask, and you have to treat. no tongue kissing.


not in the mood for your shenanigans
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hey guys... super busy at work today... can someone pop over to the what's happening thread and post up what rides you have coming up?

thanks! :)