OOS town council meeting(its pat's party and he'll cry if he wants to)

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Paul H

Fearless OOS Poser
Sounds good to me, I wish we could do a ride then go, but I would never have that much time available. I also would have to go home drop off the bike and come back since I can't fit the bike in the car. Unless of course we stored everyone's bike in your garage Paul.
Its a bike ride away from HM if that's what we want.... but we would be pretty stinky. Not a good idea IMO at a place of eating.
You are more than welcome to store your bike in my garage.

Mr. E Man

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I have always wanted to go here, I hear they have the best seafood. Apparently the owner bought a seafood distributor to make sure he got fresh seafood or so I heard from a friend.
Best seafood that's local.. But the dude jacked his prices up after they re build from the infamous fire.


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I'm in if I can. Schedule is very dependant on my wife's. I was on the board of directors for a chapter of a nonprofit so I've been through this before. It can work depending on what direction we want to go.