OOS - Take Me To Your Park! MOGA!

Paul H

Fearless OOS Poser
Rain Date - Stephens State Park Ride - BUMP

Date: June 10th
Time: 9am
Location: The Iron Gate off Kinney Road, Stanhope, New Jersey (40.907564, -74.770812)

Again, this is a NO DROP ride. Our pace is as fast or slow as we'd like. This is all about having fun on our bikes.

Please RSVP if you're able to attend
Its drizzling in Wayne.
Checking to see if this is still on...

Paul H

Fearless OOS Poser
My legs are a bit tired from yesterday and will prolly make this ride longer than it needs to be.... if it is still going to happen.
Going to bail for today.

I think you are taking about Ramapo forest not ringwood.
White and cannonball switch back are definitely not green trails.
I usually take yellow down from skyline to orange and climb the paved road back. Definitely not in shape to climb any of those trails.
once we made it over to cannonball it was a blast. hopefully going back to soon to explore more of the "ridable" trails.