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My day at work today. Went to the company nurse for her opinion on my side injury.

Me: hi Heidi
Nurse: what you do this time?
Me: I fell down on my bike two weeks ago and it still hurts to get out of bed
Nurse: did you get x-rays?
Me: no
Nurse: did you see a doctor?
Me: no
Nurse: let me make a call to urgent care down the road for you
Me: thanks Heidi but I'll do it myself

Me:. Hi, I'd like an appointment for x-rays
Urgent care: what happened?
Me: I fell on a bike and might have cracked some ribs
Urgent care: what's your insurance?
Me: Blue United
Urgent care:. Great you can come by today
Me: how much will it cost me?
Urgent care:. About $155 with your insurance
Me:. Hmm, that's a cost my wife will pick up on and know I crashed again. I'll call you back in two weeks if I still can't tie my shoe laces.