OOS Post away!


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C'mon down, it'll be fun! I'm still in one piece and can't wait to get back there!
You couldn't have a better guide, my route is the pretty standard out and back including getting lost around the chain link fence. Painful in both directions. For some reason Pat's routes seem so much more interesting


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How long you guys looking to ride and can we be moving at 9?
2-3 hours ? back takes the same amount of time as out, so easy enough just to turn around, or complete the loop.

If I join, I am putting pruners in my pack to cut back that thorny section where you have two options: 1) get snagged by the thorns, or 2) slide down the muck. It's not the end of the world, but every time I hit it, I think about how I need to remember my pruners!!
i think we pruned it at the end of last year - hasn't started growing yet.

Will you be grilling after?
getting close to grilling weather. very close. if we do another rv day and it is a little dryer/warmer, we can go out of the main lot, and use the facilities.