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Can we do wayway please? I don’t know what it is but I have a thing against lewmo . It is close to my house and convenient but not a fan I can’t put my finger on it

I will most likely be there for at least a lap
Odds are I will be riding Wayawayanda Sunday morning and know it well. Thinking maybe 8:00 at Ferber Circle which is up the dirt road at the east end of Cherry Ridge rd, off Clinton Rd.

Tag me if interested since I am not staying up with all the posts in this thread


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I think that is an awesome way to view it, I say we find a weekend where we can all dedicate the full day and do an epic 20+ mile ride at mooches or ramapo through sterling something like that. Our asses might hate us but the memories will last until we get old and senile
Now you know why I do this type rides,not for showing of rather for the sake of Fun & memories.

Paul H

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Someone needs to mediate this sh#t show... You're going to find 10 people going to 10 different parks. Wayay was on the calendar.
I think 3 or 4 of us said we should push the Waway ride to a later date for a snow ride.

I am going to ride LewMo this Sunday if Max is still willing. If anyone else would like to join, please feel free and let us know if you are coming so that we can expect and wait for you if needed.

If not, feel free to set another ride amongst yourselves and feel free to use this thread as a medium to start the discussion.

There is no one ride where everyone has to show up for. You do as you please. Its all about having fun and sometimes that means its park dependent. If a particular park is not of your preference for the given day, no harm no foul.

Remember guys, its all about having fun and riding with good company.
We don't have to make this difficult :)

Paul H

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Well,then let me know when you’re ready again!
I am never going to ready for your rides. I just go when I can and try to survive.
I am open this Saturday but I think you have previously said Saturdays are no good for you?
Maybe I'll ditch the LewMo OOS ride since these guys are starting to cause trouble and go riding with you instead lol
JK! I'll be at the LewMo ride as long as its still a go.