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Maybe not tame more bleh. It isn’t too bad and not sure why I dislike it so much I do have fun every time I go just have more fun at other parks
The key is doing the right loops, otherwise it feels like you're always climbing. Yeah LewMo doesn't get points in flow but it's still one of great parks to practice going fast.

Paul H

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Ah... memories.... this was my first ride with @qclabrat

Is it the type of bike you ride or the environment you ride in... or is it the people you ride with?
Roadie prick? Rode thru every freakin red light and basically owned the road in certain parts. The weird part is, not once did we get honked at... at least I don't think. I guess that just means we were being a bunch of SAFE roadie pricks? lol And I am really starting like riding with others as one thing is certain.. I don't have to worry about my bike getting stolen on those coffee breaks... mine is the cheapest one! Sad but true.

This particular ride was the best and the worst so far. Great bunch of folks and the ride itself was fun but worst in the sense that overall, this ride was harder than anything else I have done so far particularly due to the fact that my fitness wasn't up to my usual par since I started real riding. Came out to be 87 miles but it was tougher than the century ride. My left thigh started cramping up on the bridge coming from Randalls Island back into the city. Thank God for @1sh0t1b33r for giving me one of his gels which seems to have helped for a bit. Then a few later, my right thigh started cramping too on the greenway on the west side. Ate a half of a bagel sandwich leftover from breakfast and a banana but any resemblance of a hill.... the cramps came back and had to dial things down substantially. Felt bad for @liong71er as he dressed a bit on the light side and had to crank things up to battle the cold but this wasn't to be. I am sure he dressed appropriately for his style of riding in this weather but he miscalculated.... he was ride with a NOOB! Let this be a learning lesson for him when riding with a noob! lol Once we got back to NJ, ate some food and back on the road. The cramping on the thighs disappeared but cramps started in the calves. WTF... Just can't win! Then about 45min or so... snow... just light dusting but then started coming down at Saddle River when I still had an hr left on the ride. Took things nice and slow... and slowly but surely I was on schedule to get home b4 dark. Last climb at WP faithfully known as the Pompton Rd Climb on strava, cramp on my right calf came back with a vengeance. No choice... got off the bike and walked up the climb for about a mile. The last leg back home was all down hill but this too wasn't going to be easy. With the snow, it was slippery as heck and visibility wasn't all that great. I was on the brakes the entire ride down and thank the heavens that there were no cramping on my hands or I might have ended up as road kill. Soon enough I see my garage and about 2 feet from it... cramp! Almost fell when trying to get off the bike. JUST CAN'T WIN....

Oh... last note for this ride... I was a freakin open faucet on this ride. Had 3 cups of coffee as I only got 3 and a half hrs of sleep the night b4 and drank 2 liters of water during the ride and whenever I saw a porta john... ironically it was like seeing oasis. Should have worn a diaper instead of the padded shorts. Could have killed 2 birds with 1 stone. lol



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There are some nice trails at Camp Orange but you definitely need a guide cause not a damn thing is marked. I’m pretty familiar with the place and now only get temporarily lost at times.
Your best bet is Stewart SP
Bigger and more mileage and better trails system

Here you’ll need guide or just explore like me

I will suggest go drive farther to Elmridge trail or escarpment trail in wind ham and that’s I guarantee worth you while


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Can we do wayway please? I don’t know what it is but I have a thing against lewmo . It is close to my house and convenient but not a fan I can’t put my finger on it

I will most likely be there for at least a lap
Odds are I will be riding Wayawayanda Sunday morning and know it well. Thinking maybe 8:00 at Ferber Circle which is up the dirt road at the east end of Cherry Ridge rd, off Clinton Rd.

Tag me if interested since I am not staying up with all the posts in this thread


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I think that is an awesome way to view it, I say we find a weekend where we can all dedicate the full day and do an epic 20+ mile ride at mooches or ramapo through sterling something like that. Our asses might hate us but the memories will last until we get old and senile
Now you know why I do this type rides,not for showing of rather for the sake of Fun & memories.

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Someone needs to mediate this sh#t show... You're going to find 10 people going to 10 different parks. Wayay was on the calendar.
I think 3 or 4 of us said we should push the Waway ride to a later date for a snow ride.

I am going to ride LewMo this Sunday if Max is still willing. If anyone else would like to join, please feel free and let us know if you are coming so that we can expect and wait for you if needed.

If not, feel free to set another ride amongst yourselves and feel free to use this thread as a medium to start the discussion.

There is no one ride where everyone has to show up for. You do as you please. Its all about having fun and sometimes that means its park dependent. If a particular park is not of your preference for the given day, no harm no foul.

Remember guys, its all about having fun and riding with good company.
We don't have to make this difficult :)