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King Cages or GTFH. These carbon cages seem ril dumb when there are 20 bottles sitting on the side of the first HOH dirt section...

I assume you looked at effective TT and all that before basing things just on frame size. I also have about half of that amount of seat tube out too. It is worth mentioning that slammed doesnt equal aero. Current TT setups support this as there bars are often high AF to get a more aero position.
I had to check - my stem is 100 mm. The difference in height between the stem and my saddle is 4". I'm guessing Pat's back kills him after riding - which is why he never rides it! :p


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Just a friendly reminder the winter is over hooray, but this means the ticks are back. Get your permethrin ready!!!

I pulled 2 off me after my Stephens ride today, funniest part I was saying to my wife I wanted to shower and make sure I had no ticks as soon as I said it I look down and see a tick on my leg