Official: 2017-2018 Fantasy Football League Thread - GUACAMOLE CUP WEEKEND!


Team MTBNJ Halter's
This was a crazy week one, I don't think it went the right way for many people, Crazy stats like Bell, Zeke, Brady, Gronk, Julio, DJ, Baldwin, Fitz, McCoy, AJ Green, Antonio Brown, Demarco all combined for zero touchdowns. Lets see if week two is just as crazy, or everything starts to make sense again.
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1) @pearl (0) W, Defense saves the day here, Bell and Bryant where too busy hitting the bong instead of putting up points. Never-the-less, breaking 100 points keeps ya boy #1.
2) @stb222 (+2) W, Looks like the research has paid off, This was the most solid looking box score of them all. Trending the right direction.
3) @Carson (-1) W, Walks away with the W, but at what cost? As of this writing, it seems that DJ is out for a good amount of time. Lets see how good this GM really is. Only reason this team loses a spot.
4) @Chris26er (+2) L, Even taking a loss, a hard one, 26er may have found lightening in a bottle with Kareem Hunt. Without this week 1 buy situation, I could see 26er with another 10/15 points. Looks like a tough team.
5) @elzoller (-2) L, Is Zoller on the bad end of Hurricane Irma? Team looks anemic. The WR situation looks grim. Can Shady keep the Guac afloat?
6) @UtahJoe (+1) W, Being all in on the Vikings saved this team this week, and with OBJ coming back at some point, is Utah back to his pre-strike championship form?
7) @jmanic (0) L, Is Cooper Kupp startable next week? A solid showing from the rookie manager. Lets see if it's week one luck.
8) @jnos (+1) W, Relying on a Jets RB for a W is frightening, but some how the Monday night miracle was pulled off!
9) @jShort (-4) L, This team never showed up. I think he will have to drop the last of his Jets disease in order to make progress here. Just not the Shorts week. When no one but your QB goes for double digits, it's a sign for panic.
10) @fidodie (0) W, Fournette looks like a stud in the making... but thats about it? Manger lost the game for this team. Them bench points means the manager may not be paying too much attention to the match ups...


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Team MTBNJ Halter's

I would like to appeal my standing in the power rankings-
A) Rankings do not seem to account for RPI of gif game,
2) I am currently tied for second place in the league- Come on!


Team MTBNJ Halter's
Interesting point about the gifs, I looked at the computer output for the ratings this week and it seems that it's darn near perfect, 7th and 8th is splitting hairs. thankfully only one more day until another football game

Me checking the scores Tuesday morning and realizing I beat @fidodie
I must say, I didn't expect this when I went to bed last night, but Thielen and Lutz went IN