official 2017-2018 biyf thread


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Just checking in and seeing all of this talk about trainer rides vs. no trainer rides... I'm new, so if BIYF is all about riding outside, if that's the history of the thing, then so be it. I can drop out. Personally, for me, this time of year is all about building base (that's the name of the contest, right), getting miles and time on the bike. I'd prefer to do it outside, but I'm also a realist and I recognize that I have goals that I want to meet and if I want to achieve them I have to get them no matter what. So far this year, I've been on the trainer, but that'll probably change at some point. If people want me out, that's fine too. In the end, I don't really care if I win BIYF, I care if I win TT's.
BIYF has always been about riding outside. Nobody wants you out. I personally welcome everyone. The point is to take the trainer rides out of the contest. I assume Zwift and other trainer forums have their own contests. BIYF helps motivate riders to get out and get some fresh air, beat the winter blues, etc. What helps motivate me is some of the great photos that people post of their rides. I have a suggestion for next years contest we take our bikes trainers outside (perfect compromise)


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Yeah, the original point of the contest was a way to motivate each other to ride bikes outside during the winter. It was only for biking and only outdoor rides counted. I didn't take part in the contest the first few years, because it didn't count things like running and cross country skiing.

If people want an additional BIYF contest to see who does the most trainer miles, that's fine too. I'm sure most people find it hard enough to find motivation to ride a trainer, so a contest could definitely help.
Cmon people... seriously shut the ef up about the trainer talk... way to make this about a trainer / no trainer debate

Get out there and ride and post up some good pics and stories from your adventures...

When someone creates the Trainer contest, gym stationary bikes and spin classes should be in there as well with extra credit for exercising with other humans.


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I've been on the forum for a while - and this "contest" has always been about riding outside...and I think it should stay that way.

No one is shaming people for riding a trainer or inside - you do what you need to do. I ride and run inside myself. I just don't post the data to this contest.

What we (well most) are asking is that only outside rides be included for THIS contest. How you go about getting that data to post is your choice, as @fidodie stated in the most recent "rules" thread.


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I had all intentions of riding after my meeting yesterday but we got done later than I I'm now fighting the chest cold/croup that most of my students have. So this week is pretty much a "washout".

Since I have no riding photos, here's a photo of the bulletin board we re-did yesterday.



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Seems like the biggest difference this year is the auto feed from Strava. In years past, we had to post up every ride, with a link, to be counted. Unfortunately, this required a fair amount of work. The spirit of BIYF was to get out. This contest forced me to buy lights and get out in the early morning or late evening in the dark and JRA. Was a great way to push myself outside my comfort zone a little.

As one of the offending trainer people, I'm going to make those rides private for the duration of the contest. It's just easier this way.


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In the end it's mtbnj's call as they are putting this "contest" on, but finish what you start and don't go changing the rules during the event.
Generally yes, but not in this case for this issue we are discussing IMO
people that want to go pure outside can use the private or correction method.

this is why i'm favoring a separate class for peeps that want to do a mixed competition.