Oct 28-30 2016 Vermont MTB Trip - Kingdom Trails

Hey guys and gals. Ive been wanting to go to VT to ride for some time now and wanted to know how many people would be interested in riding up to Kingdom Trails http://kingdomtrails.org/. I've never been there and want to try something new and thrilling, maybe with some MTB'ers while I am at it. Anyone interested? I am open to ideas from those whom been there, camped outdoors, AirBnB'd, stayed at a hotel, motel, etc.


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I can't make it, my wedding anniversary is that weekend.
As far as trying something new, I suggest not relying on phone or any other gps device for directions the entire weekend. You can use maps of hand written directions if needed.
and ride sidewinder.


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My buddy and I got a AirBnB right next to the welcome center. Our wives and newborns were with us, so we didn't want to get a hotel. Worked out real well...for us. The wives weren't too happy being stuck in the house, there isn't a lot to do other than bike. It was nice to be able to bike right from the house, swing by for lunch then head out again. The grocery store outside of town was expensive, but the gas station right across from the welcome center had surprisingly good steaks.

Its a great place to ride, well worth the trip.


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we did VRBO a few years ago for a condo right on the side of burke mountain. my buddy booked it last minute and emailed the owner something to the extent of, "We are interested in coming to Burke for the weekend and noticed your condo isn't rented. Will you take $150 a night? We are very clean and don't have parties, etc." So yeah, we got a 7 person condo for $300 for the weekend. Vermont has quite a bit to do if you get a fall tourism guide but for non-bikers they'll have to drive a little.


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Kingdom trail is so much fun! We've been going in July these past 3 years. @Norm has some already made gps loops if you are interested.
Hey thanks for all the feedback! If anyone is willing to head out from Jersey and maybe split some costs let me know. I plan on leaving around 1 pm 10/28. I have a pickup truck that I can use to transport some bikes if anyone needs. As of now, I have a friend that may be going with me but not too sure he can leave @ 1.
Damn, already hosting an Audi event that weekend or I would.

Kingdom is amazing, bummed I haven't made it back up for a second time this year. Willowburke Inn right in town is top notch, stay there every year!

Figured the trails would be so covered in leaves at this time of year so didn't think it'd be as fun. :(
I still have room in the pickup if anyone wants to tag along. The weather is looking fair at the moment and should be in the 50's and dry. There's also some kind of event Friday or Saturday night that looks fun. Should be a good weekend!