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Is there a labeled map of where lumpy bumpy, rollie pollie, ice cream, or any other trails i don't know about? Ive seen maps of everyone taking rides and saying they rode on one of these trails but is there a map labeled where someone can easily find the trail or can someone take the jorba map and label for people who haven't ridden area alot? Thanks in advance
Ice Cream is a downhill that is located one block down and one block to the right of the "private property" on the map. In that block, it is in the white area on the right where there is a trail going into the white trail and has the little hour glass shape trail.

confused? I do have to agree with the others that the best bet is to take this map and go have fun venturing around.


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There is a sign for Ice Cream heading north on the white trail coming from the Waterloo parking lot, 2.6 miles in from lot. This uphill leads to Allamuchy Mountain North, look for the Glacial Erratic / Boulder.

There should be a USGS survey mark somewhere on EL1250 / Allamuchy Mountain, aka Stuyvesant Hill, at the top of cardiac hill. I 80 noise is loud there! I think Rollie Pollie cuts around some stretch of striated rocks then heads downhill to the white blazed waterloo / 517 trail.
Well im just trying to get an idea before i venture out and find myself take a wrong turn and end up on the other side of the mountian where i wasnt trying to be.. any other advice will be apreciated
Oh you will end up at some point where you don't want to be, thats the fun part. When do you plan on going, maybe we can find someone that knows the trails to lead a tour. Any takers
Unfortunately some wayward ATV's make it onto trails outside of the BSA preserve.
And does the gas smell and noise also stay entirely within your encampment?