nobl tr33 carbon wheels (29) with industry 9 torch hubs


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I9 hubs aren't for everyone, some find them annoyingly noisy. The stock Nobl hubs are the polar opposite.
What width tires are you looking to use? If 2.5-2.6 or plus, may want a slightly wider rim.
love the sound! Noble hub is intriguing, but concerned about it's uniqueness if anything goes, bike might be down a while. I have a narrow rear triangle, so 2.3 is my max tire width.


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I9 hubs are solid and easy to work on. Have a pair on one bike and they’ve been rather flawless. If you don’t mind the buzz (which is pretty awesome IMO) that they make, you really can’t go wrong with them.


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Have 2 sets of I9 wheels and zero complains with either set. But like others, no experience w/ the carbon hoops you're looking at.