NJ State Government Closed


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At least with waywayanda, if you are local or have local friends, there are a million ways in. They can't close them all. Jungle wasn't roped off when I went by.


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It's like teachers waiting til Aug 15 to threaten a strike. Wat about that whole fuckin summer you just had off? Work a lil harder woodja?


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Come on. It's In-de-fecking-pen-dence Day. weekend.

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Don't post.

Go ride.
Yea, what an asshole for trying to put some control on Horozon (who is shit for insurance). And if you don't know the back way into Ringwood, Wayway, etc. then you don't ride there anyway so quit bitching about it.


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This is really interesting. I never knew that there are a handful of old fishing shacks on Island Beach State Park that people are allowed to lease from the state due to the fact that they are grandfathered in.

A guy I work with told me about this and he in fact has access to a shack because he is friends with an leasee of a shack. He told me that on Friday night the police came and told those residing in the leased shacks that they had to leave the premises or get arrested.

True story.



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By the way, Chimney Rock's Yellow Trail was totally rideable yesterday, and undoubtedly will be even better today. It's a good bet the rest of the trails will be rideable, too, with the possible exception of Lower Blue.