NJ Mountain Bike Festival AKA JORBA Jam

Discussion in 'Rides, Races and Events' started by Bleeder, Sep 1, 2017.

  1. FitmanNJ

    FitmanNJ Active Member

    Takes me back to Ann Arbor in the 1970's. I think it was the brownies...
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  2. domo

    domo Well-Known Member


    Aha! Drake it is then.
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  3. jimvreeland

    jimvreeland Shop: Hilltop Bicycles Shop Keep

    Can you play it back to back?
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  4. jimvreeland

    jimvreeland Shop: Hilltop Bicycles Shop Keep

  5. Off The Road Again

    Off The Road Again Active Member

    Somerville, NJ
    Most likely in! Sounds like a great time and although I've ridden RW a lot, still have no clue where I am! Great opportunity to ride group rides to continue exploring the fun trails and be with people who just love to MTB!
  6. rayder

    rayder Active Member

    lake hiawatha

    Funniest video ever. Love it
  7. MadisonDan

    MadisonDan Well-Known Member Team MTBNJ Halter's

    Madison, NJ
    What the fuckity fuck was that?
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  8. rick81721

    rick81721 Well-Known Member

    Is there any difference between the worst rap video in the world and the best? :shrug:
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  9. michael.su

    michael.su JORBA co-VP JORBA.ORG

    Should we try to book this guy? It may be too late...he probably already has a gig. :)
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  10. ilnadi

    ilnadi Well-Known Member

    CLinton, NJ
    does anybody ever camp at these? it's 1.5 hours, trying to decide if I want to drive after riding and refreshments...
  11. clarkenstein

    clarkenstein JORBA Money Launderer JORBA.ORG

    i'm debating camping myself - i have to sort that out still. my decision will be late in the hour - have some stuff going on with the family that is making things a bit touch and go right now. i'll post up if i am.

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