NJ Junior MTB Ride - The Kids vs Clayton - beginner pace/intermediate ride

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  1. Christopher barry

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    Let's get together for some uphill battle's and downhill thrill's at Clayton with some awesome Jr MTBers!

    Where: Clayton Park
    161 Emley's Hill Rd, Cream Ridge, NJ 08514
    When: December 3rd at 11am

    Will be planning around 10 miles or more if the kids want to keep it going! Gear, rim or disk brakes, and ability to handle roots, climbs, and twisty downhill sections are a must! Must have helmet! Kids must be with parent or chaperone. Link to FB on bottom.

    1) This is not sanctioned by MTBNJ or JORBA, just parents planning to ride bikes with other parents & their kids.
    2) Not babysitting either, kids need a chaperone.

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  2. Christopher barry

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  3. moose35

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    Zoe and I are in
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  4. Matt_

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    JT and I will be there!

    Was informed he has a bday party at 3:30 but that shouldn't be an issue. Just means less time to goof off afterwards

    Thanks for getting the ball rolling on another ride Chris!
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  5. Christopher barry

    Christopher barry New Member

    Anything to get the kids out on there MTB's
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  7. Christopher barry

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