New kiosk?

Rode allamuchy north today and found a seemingly brand-new kiosk at the intersection of white and ice cream. The kiosk had an old map (that wouldn't be very helpful for anyone unfamiliar with the trails), plants to stay away from (only had the three poison plants that everyone is/should be familiar with) information on the white tailed deer and instructions on what to do when you run into a bear. Has anyone else seen this or know what the point of it is..?


The White Shadow
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Probably boy scouts as they earn merit badge for kiosk build. And if your location is correct that is BSA property which makes even more sense it was built by boy scouts.


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There are two new Kiosks. The other one is near the rest area on 80 just above where purple begins turns uphill towards Rollie. They were both built by Venture Crew 276 out of Andover. A Venturing Crew is a program the Boy Scouts created for both Boys and Girls up to age 21. Outdoor adventure is the focus.
I'll work on getting some proper maps in them.