New Jersey, the whole entire state.

Discussion in 'Rides, Races and Events' started by David Taylor, Mar 14, 2017.

  1. David Taylor

    David Taylor Rex kwan Do

  2. Mountain Bike Mike

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  3. fidodie

    fidodie Well-Known Member Staff Member

    hmm - i think i'll give you my phone number for support! maybe ride the north->south leg.

    that would be a hell of a ride to post !!
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  4. UtahJoe

    UtahJoe Team Workhorse Team MTBNJ Halter's

    Looks great, now do it again, this time make it all dirt.
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  5. David Taylor

    David Taylor Rex kwan Do

    This is just a starter. I may look into it more and straighten some stuff out and even venture over the ny or pa borders here and there to keep it smooth.
  6. jimvreeland

    jimvreeland Shop: Hilltop Bicycles Shop Keep

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  7. Ian F

    Ian F Well-Known Member

    641 miles... wow... would definitely need to be a multi-day. I'd figure on a week at least.

    I'd probably adjust the route some to avoid riding through downtown Trenton and Camden as well. I've driven a number of the roads in NNJ along the river. Old Mine Rd is scenic but unless it has been repaired recently, it can be in very poor condition.
  8. stb222

    stb222 Love Drunk Jerk Squad


    Trenton isn't a worry, but Camden...
  9. JDurk

    JDurk Well-Known Member

    S. Jersey
    Get through Camden early morning, no problem.
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  10. liong71er

    liong71er Well-Known Member

    Hmm,..I actually have this idea many years ago,I did mentioned this to JimV last year about this but he doesn't seem interested!
    My version will be about 700 miles and about a week to complete..I will do this on my own when I have the Time.

    Good luck!
  11. jimvreeland

    jimvreeland Shop: Hilltop Bicycles Shop Keep

    Did you miss where I said IN already!!?? Don't invite Liong, it'll take too long :)
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  12. The Kalmyk

    The Kalmyk Well-Known Member

    The south along the Delaware river is another state. At least it feels that way. I enjoy it none the less
  13. Pampa

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    Mount Olive
    Wow. This is interesting. Not a fan of riding on the road though, at all. I'd be interested in something like this if most is dirt but I guess that would be very difficult.
  14. DownhillR3

    DownhillR3 Active Member

    New Jersey
    I'm in for the Northern NW corner.
  15. ReverendNewman

    ReverendNewman Active Member

    Brick, NJ
    Don't they still do that Longest Day Ride?
    From Port Jervis to Cape May. I think they do it on the summer solstice in June. I remembered they leave at 430 AM and some people were getting to Cape May around midnight. Pretty cool
  16. jnos

    jnos Well-Known Member

    North Bruns.
  17. ReverendNewman

    ReverendNewman Active Member

    Brick, NJ

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