New High Mountain Trail Map


Update 10/16/2017 - all maps have been updated to version 1.0.3

Hi all,

I created some new topographic maps of High Mountain that are compatible with Garmin GPS Edge units (800/810/820/1000) Maprika and a printable PDF version.

These maps are Mountain Bike specific with an emphasis on the single-track trails built over the past few years and are very up to date (including Space Mountain trail just south-west of High Mountain).

I color coded the trails similar to a ski trail map with colors indicating trail difficulty, and this is where I could use some of your help; I could really use everyone's feedback to reach a consensus on trail difficulty !

The maps are available on my blog - enjoy !
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I always wanted to explore but went once and could not find anything good. Thanks for this.

Sonce the trials are lovely numbered any recommendations for nice 7-10mile loop?


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@ElPablo - Met you last week at the end of our ride (while the old guy was releasing the ground hog). The map is awesome! A lot of work to get that done. Great detail. Thanks for doing all the work.
Very nice job, I was there 2 weeks ago and did ancient, this map will help to explore the whole place. Any recommendation for a loop will be appreciated, maybe you give a trail numbers to follow. Thanks
Very nice job, I was there 2 weeks ago and did ancient, this map will help to explore the whole place. Any recommendation for a loop will be appreciated, maybe you give a trail numbers to follow. Thanks
Thanks :) Berm&Boofs has a good suggestion, my favorite loop is climbing up 1, back down the berms, crossing the river at Red, then up 1 and cutting off on 2, then Yellow to the summit of High Mountain and staying to the right and back down 4, crossing back over and making a right onto 3 up to Mount Cecchino, then heading over to 16, 19, and finishing off with the long climb up 23.

Or you could make it more technical by heading up 10 from Mount Cecchino, then onto the 20 (just below 9) and cutting off to get on to 22 (Jack's), which is probably the most technical trail at HM (but oh so sweet), then all the way up and down 23 back to the trail head.

I'm going to duplicate the trail numbers in the next version and not leave any empty segments to avoid confusion : Like Mount Cecchino down to 12 is really all trail #3. And also add distance markers right on the map...
I wasn't sure about the difficulty ratings, I started making all the trails red but Jack's (22) is really harder than the rest. I marked 2 as blue even if certain sections are steep because overall it's not a very technical climb. But I'd like to hear everyone's opinion. I'll also include a few suggested loops and highlight them on the map. I also started indicating trail features such as rock gardens berms and drops but I didn't record them all. If you want something added to the map please let me know and I'll try to include it.


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That's some really great work. Thank few times there I could not find anything good so I stopped going. Plus driving through Patterson is always a traffic nightmare. I'll have to go back now. Thanks again.


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I ride there at least twice a week and there are many different loops you can do. You will climb just about everywhere but it has become an awesome place to ride. Not beginner friendly. Anyone want a tour send me a pm. No beginners please. Good steady minimal stop pace is what our crew does there. Thanks for the map , I will check it out and give you feed back in a few.


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Rode there yesterday evening and this map tracks perfectly on Maprika. Since I am still learning this place and its myriad of trails, that is super-handy. Thanks @ElPablo Great work!

For anybody who has not been to High Mountain in awhile, you really need to go check it out. I had not been for a long time and my recollection was "fire roads and rocky climbs". That memory was based on 1 ride, solo from the University drive, like 10 years ago.

I have been there a handful of times more recently. There is a shit-ton of single-track, rock-work galore, lots of challenge and plenty of climbing. The one thing I would caution is that there really are not many beginner level trails. Bring your legs because you will be climbing (or HAB'ing) at points, but there is plenty of reward on the downhills.


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@ElPablo thank you for making the map! I have never gotten around to riding High Mountain but after seeing the map I will definitely check it out within the next few days.
I'm glad so many of you are inspired to go back to HM because of my map - it makes it all worth it :) And a big thank you to everyone that sent me suggestions - I should have an updated version of the map by the end of the week. I will also be releasing a new version of my Ringwood/Ramapo map that I made years ago.

I spent the last few days riding Kingdom trails in Burke, VT and discovered a whole new sector behind Burke Mountain; I'll have a review on my blog next week and will hopefully include a map :)


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I went there yesterday and parked at the north parking lot. I headed up 1 and then yellow to the High Mountain overlook, took 5 and 6 to yellow, then took 9 and 10 to the Parking Lot on Sanderling Rd. Then I did 15, 16, 18, 20, 22, 23, and yellow back to the north parking lot. The trail system was great! Plenty of technical trails, interesting rock features, and little undergrowth or sticker bushes.