MTBNJ Kingdom Invasion 2017


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We've really had 10 times the mechanicals than all previous years. Norm winning with having a random bolt loose inside his frame left by the previous mechanic. making his bike into a carbon cow bell.


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Kingdom millstone Stowe Pittsfield. That order.
i don't know why, but I really like millstone I've only ridden at kingdom once and it was fun, but for some reason I love millstone. I also really like Pittsfield. Green mountain trails are awesome, but there is some incredible stuff on the opposite side of rt 100 off Michigan road and I think liberty road.
I'll have to get back up to kingdom.
That's a great couple of days of riding.


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Kingdom is the best of VT because it's got a lot of miles and there is something there for everyone. The other places are good but Kingdom is unique due to the extent of flow trails which also offer lines for more daring riders. Plus it's the best maintained trail system and given the miles of trails that's pretty amazing.