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    Yes, It was lake Tahoe, and he did ski right past a "danger cliff area" sign and disappear over the edge before I even got a word in. I guess we are both in a different place these days. All good.
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    My teammates left this morning and on the way home from the airport, we picked up the tile and supplies for our bathroom remodel. It's 3pm. I am too tired to ride a bike today and starting demolition now would be kind of late for retired people, so we will start tomorrow.

    Last weeks riding was awesome. It was great to spend a week riding with some of my regular crew from back east. I was able to get to the Ridgeline Tr in the Torts with Marianne. That was awesome and my first time this year. I have not had the energy to get up there and it is a major ride to make the connection to that trail. We also rode Starr Pass which was great since all the new trails have gone in over there. Art and I have done a bunch of trail build days at Starr, but not had a chance to ride there. The new trails really improve the whole system making it a top notch riding spot. Our week was filled in with local trail riding, Sweetwater and Gold Canyon. All fun places to ride.

    So, after 7 days straight on a bike, I am pretty wiped out. I am pleased with how my energy held up for 7 days and 15 hours, especially since one ride was close to 4 hours ride time. I plan to take a few days off the bike.

    IMG_1623 (1).jpg IMG_1632.jpg
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  4. Juggernaut

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    The yard is absolutely stunning! That shot with the purple wildflowers is magazine worthy.
  5. qclabrat

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    just caught this blog, and it's great
    love the pictures and progress of your home
    how often do you live out west? I assume you come back during the brutally hot summers
  6. pixychick

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    @qclabrat Yes, we come back east in May and usually stay until Nov. This year we were delayed with Art getting hurt and will head back for a wedding in late April. We try to keep things flexible and take advantage of the best of the weather in both places.

    @Juggernaut The yard part has been a great process. I went out thinking I did not want to plant anything that needed to be watered, but my friend talked me into taking babies and cuttings from his place. I ended up having to water and probably will put in a drip line for summer, but the result has been amazing. Those purple flowers were a 3 inch plant last year. Right now everything is blooming.
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    Two Bridges
    I think I'm going to rides the cdo trail down my lemmon tomorrow at noon ish. Want to come @pixychick ?
    My flight got delayed so I'm in Arizona extra and have a shuttle pilot :)
    Open to other suggestions but my wife is with me and doesn't ride bikes.
  8. pixychick

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    I think it may still be snowbound up top, not sure. I am actually sick and not going to do a big ride today. If you end up riding 50 yr trail area, give me a shout. I could be convinced to do a short ride.
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    So here is a shot from todays ride. Just a local ride from the house, while the plumber is working on switching all the pipes and drains. Hopefully in the next few days we will be able to start putting walls and ceilings back, and then tile the floor. We have a tentative install date foe next Friday for the countertop. So, walls, floor and vanity need to happen first. So far no surprises.

    Tires: Arizona eats tires. I came out with a well used pair of tires. I needed to change the rear right away and already I need both new tires. This time I got Maxis Forecaster with bigger knobs. Side walls are big help out here with all the loose surfaces, twisty turns and washes. The new tires are not as supple but hook up great. I will probably go back to Schwalbe when I get back east, ... or maybe not.

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    Tell me about it. I threw it out when I packed my bike up.
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    Yes, it is hard to believe how many cactus spines are in a tire after just a week. My tires pin seep in a complete circle around each tire. The plants out here are not to be messed with. I was in the shower yesterday and noticed my leg felt real stubly. I thought to myself: I just shaved yesterday. How did my hair grow so fast and become so rough? It ended up I had a cactus needles in my shin and did not notice. Now they were in my hand and I was spreading them all over my body in the shower. Luckily I caught it before I spread to to far. I was able to get them out. ... yes, I am idiot too!
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    On Saturday I was taking some pictures of local wild flowers on the trail and heard grass rustling behind me. I turned around and saw a rattlesnake passing maybe 8 ft behind me. It has been quite warm ( close to 90 ) so reptiles have started to come back out. I actually have not been riding too much because of the heat and having a bunch of house projects pressing.

    As for our bath project: Plumber finished his rough in so Art started to close back up up with board, wire and stucco. Stucco on the ceiling is pretty messy. I won't even attempt it as there are not enough swear words available for me to use to get through something like that. Art did that all himself and wore much of it. I was pretty amazed that he could do work over his head with his neck. Not much stopping him these days. Tile floor went in today.

    Temps are supposed to break in a few days, so I plan to go back to riding regularly. I actually feel more tired and sore when I do not ride. Luckily I have special sauce oil ( without THC ) for my aches and pains. Still trying to stay drug free as I age.

    IMG_1677 (1).jpg IMG_1678 (1).jpg IMG_1676.jpg IMG_1683.jpg IMG_1686.jpg IMG_1693.jpg
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