Monday 2/19


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How are you always off? I thought I had a good amount of vacation time, but I think you win.
ha, its not vacation time, we work CWS which works out to 9 hour days with every other Friday off, then we get EVERY federal holiday off, so if your not getting mail im not going to work.

works for the government....ask about the 90 minute lunch breaks. :D
ha government is right, but i wish i got a 90 minute lunch break, i have to rush my ride and a shower into 60

Haha! I like. I know about those 90 minute breaks too. One day I will post a breakdown of my day.
this i am interested in!

Yes! I have 12 days (and growing) to use before July 1st.
welll we will have at least 8 fridays you can take off to ride with us . . . . . :D
well, unless someone chimes in with a place to ride thats not going to be a mudfest mid-late morning (10-11ish start time) im going to have to call this ride off, if i get up early enough i may try for a solo ride, but im not promising anything especially with the amount of melt we had today and are expecting again tomorrow.

sorry guys.