March Madness 2016


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Just throwing it out there, cause my wife asked.....


i still like the idea of picking a couple brewers and putting their similar, non-special release beers head-to-head.
maybe victory vs neshaminy ?


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this would of been great this year.......

there are PLENTY of IPA's to support a bracket on its own...... maybe next year.
i keep thinking about a brewery oriented one - where people that like different types of beer could vote
on a style. we could probably get 4 styles per brewery - do a couple weeks of round robin, and then a final 4.....
i was busy riding my bike tho :D


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paragon in clark has been doing their own Beer Madness tournament for the last couple years, finished up this week IIRC, you should check it out.


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Thought about this a bit, but with limited releases and low distribution, it's going to be hard to do. I remember the last time this was done here before the beer paradigm, the beers were commonly available imperials. Nowadays most shelf beers are getting blown away by these boutique beers. So many beers are now ranked 100 and most are near impossible to acquire unless you are very diligent or just lucky.