Mahlon Dickerson Reservation Conditions

Discussion in 'Mahlon Dickerson Reservation' started by Chris26er, Jan 27, 2010.

  1. Chris26er

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    Right on! I was getting sick of the go-rounds
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  2. njkayaker

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    I started like 7:30 am. didn't see anyone else riding thoughI saw on Strava others did ride there yesterday. the fog was think in some area.
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  3. smachski

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    Conditions today: the area received some icy snow this week even though most of NJ didn't see any. The trails on the south side, Stone Gate, 4 birds, wall switchback, overlook were mostly clear and solid but there were a few frozen snow patches. On the north side of the park, Cascade, etc, the snow coverage was 100% on the trails.
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  4. icebiker

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    Thanks for the 411. I had to change my southern NJ ride plans last minute this morning due to a family matter and had to stay north. Your post was good timing. I found it exactly as you described. And for those of you looking for a place to ride tomorrow the snow will definitely stick around. Calling @Kaleidopete !
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  5. huffster

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    Anybody been there lately that can share conditions?

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