Mahlon Dickerson Reservation Conditions

Discussion in 'Mahlon Dickerson Reservation' started by Chris26er, Jan 27, 2010.

  1. Chris26er

    Chris26er Team's Team MTBNJ Halter's

    Right on! I was getting sick of the go-rounds
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  2. njkayaker

    njkayaker Active Member

    I started like 7:30 am. didn't see anyone else riding thoughI saw on Strava others did ride there yesterday. the fog was think in some area.
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  3. smachski

    smachski New Member

    Conditions today: the area received some icy snow this week even though most of NJ didn't see any. The trails on the south side, Stone Gate, 4 birds, wall switchback, overlook were mostly clear and solid but there were a few frozen snow patches. On the north side of the park, Cascade, etc, the snow coverage was 100% on the trails.
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  4. icebiker

    icebiker JORBA: Morris Trails JORBA.ORG

    Thanks for the 411. I had to change my southern NJ ride plans last minute this morning due to a family matter and had to stay north. Your post was good timing. I found it exactly as you described. And for those of you looking for a place to ride tomorrow the snow will definitely stick around. Calling @Kaleidopete !
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  5. huffster

    huffster Well-Known Member

    Anybody been there lately that can share conditions?
  6. smachski

    smachski New Member

    Mahlon was a 3 out of 4 today. Singletrack was close to 4 but a few trails like four birds, and ghost the rocks were still wet and thus slickery! :) they should be dried out by saturday.
  7. huffster

    huffster Well-Known Member

    Thanks I went today to see for myself and agree with your rating
  8. Eddie Z

    Eddie Z Member

    Morris County
    I went in on Friday. Generally conditions were good. Some soft spots, and a couple of mud puddles in the usual spots. Didn't need the fenders though. Recent windstorms have littered the trails with more than the usual amount of small branches and sticks, mostly ignorable...some kick-away-able. I cut out a few small trail obstructing tree falls. Anyway, let the games begin!
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  9. Eddie Z

    Eddie Z Member

    Morris County
    Was such a nice, sunny day out yesterday that we had to ride. (Wednesday 3/29). With the ground already saturated from the blizzard melt-off, and the recent rains, the place was the wettest I've ever seen it. Puddles in non-normal places. Normal wet spots were extra wet and deep. Stream crossings raging. But still, plenty of the park drains well, was dry enough to allow for a great ride. Plus/Fat tires (w/fenders if you got 'em) is my recommendation, to lessen impact. I'm also looking forward to starting up with some Trail maintenance when I get the chance. Lots of face slappers and a few new tree blockages small enough to handle with a hand saw.
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  10. Eddie Z

    Eddie Z Member

    Morris County
    Myself and a buddy "cleaned" the WMA area loop yesterday (Thursday 3/30). Aka "Columbo return". Did a handful of saw-outs, and got rid of anything impinging on the trail. Cut back any face slappers, low hangers, and derailleur killers. Also tried to remove any branches on the ground, and a handful of loose babyhead rocks that were just doing nobody any good. We were pretty detailed for about 85% of it, but once the sleet started coming down, our level of attention dropped to only the more annoying issues.. The last stretch, from the peak back to the Saffin lot could use another light going over.
  11. ryderX

    ryderX JORBA Luddite: KVSP Bulldog JORBA.ORG

    I'm sure I'm going to get shelled for saying this but after reading your description it sounds like it was a perfect day to STAY OFF the trails. Then I read the follow up post about pulling baby head rocks of the trail and it makes my head spin a bit. It's great that your out doing trail work but I trust you're not dumbing down the trails, corrrct ?
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  12. mattybfat

    mattybfat The White Shadow Team MTBNJ Halter's

    He did say lose which will become a throw away and I take him for that.
    Not the best time to be on a bike. I have been there plenty where you want to clean up your park and a shity day in the woods is better then no day in the woods.
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  13. Eddie Z

    Eddie Z Member

    Morris County
    No, not trying to dumb anything down. These babyheads were completely unattached from the trail, just kind of obviously not making anybody's ride experience any better. Didn't dig anything out, just sort of kicked the easy ones aside. Far more focus was put on the blockages, the brushbacks, the storm litter, and anything that you could get impaled upon or lose an eye on.

    Having done a lot of TM's over the last bunch of years (a handful w/JORBA @ Stephens), I get it that one rider's "obstruction" can be another rider's "feature". I do try to be very respectful of that. Not really trying to stir up controversy with my TM work, just trying to do my share to give back a little.
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  14. goodvibe

    goodvibe Active Member

    Union County, NJ
    Anyone been here lately? Would like to go tomorrow, but not if it is too moist.
  15. Mic360

    Mic360 Well-Known Member

    Wondering how it should be this weekend after all the rain? Never been here before.
  16. jpn

    jpn Active Member

    dover nj
    This has definitely become home base for me.

    Went for a ride Friday of memorial weekend. Wanted to show my oldest son the new trail off upper white and get a ride with him before he left for the summer.

    Was wet Thursday so we went Fri @11. Trails dry. Rocks wet.

    Just to remind myself what an idiot I can be, I went on a mild rockover on blue. Been over it 50 times. Piece of cake

    Front wheel hit top rock and slid out like on ice Because it was wet.

    I went down on the rocks and I really thought I broke my right forearm and elbow. Incredible pain.

    After a few minutes shcock and adrenaline set in and I rode out and ride home.

    Set to leave for camping trip in Adirondacks at 4 with group of friends. I shower and clean wounds. Debating going to ER. Don't want to wait for hours so decide to tough it out

    All weekend in tolerable pain
    Keep changing sterile pad with bacitracin with ace bandage wrap.

    Get home Monday. Does the genius go to ER ?

    No, I pack for a week long camping trip with family and we leave Tuesday. Kentucky.

    By Friday elbow killing me. Feels like bursitis. Go to ER out there. Call insurance company to verify that my $30k insurance premiums equate to coversge in Ky

    No problem covered as out of network I am on hook for 20%

    I walk back out of ER cursing my employer and insurance Co.

    Got home this Monday. Go to orthopedist who yells at me and says I could have a bone infection. Go on doxycycline and see him three times this week. Healing, but slow.

    Moral of story. Use your brain.
  17. Dingo

    Dingo Well-Known Member

    Do you wear elbow or knee pads?
    I rode mooch this AM, group of 10, some meet up group. I had my old worn out knee and elbow pads. these guys are looking funny at me... two guys went down, lucky no injury. "oh so you wear pads " Sure do. rock and bone don't mix, and I have to go to work the next day.
  18. xc62701

    xc62701 Well-Known Member

    Elbow is the only joint that is considered a medical emergency since it has so many important nerve endings. Take care of it!
  19. jpn

    jpn Active Member

    dover nj
    Really thinking about elbow pads.

    I'm off MTB probably 2-3 weeks; doing some road riding.

    I think I must have hit head too - this happened in Dickerson mine; thought I posted this in that thread!!


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