Mahlon Dickerson Reservation Conditions

Discussion in 'Mahlon Dickerson Reservation' started by Chris26er, Jan 27, 2010.

  1. Chris26er

    Chris26er Team's Team MTBNJ Halter's

    Right on! I was getting sick of the go-rounds
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  2. njkayaker

    njkayaker Active Member

    I started like 7:30 am. didn't see anyone else riding thoughI saw on Strava others did ride there yesterday. the fog was think in some area.
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  3. smachski

    smachski New Member

    Conditions today: the area received some icy snow this week even though most of NJ didn't see any. The trails on the south side, Stone Gate, 4 birds, wall switchback, overlook were mostly clear and solid but there were a few frozen snow patches. On the north side of the park, Cascade, etc, the snow coverage was 100% on the trails.
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  4. icebiker

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    Thanks for the 411. I had to change my southern NJ ride plans last minute this morning due to a family matter and had to stay north. Your post was good timing. I found it exactly as you described. And for those of you looking for a place to ride tomorrow the snow will definitely stick around. Calling @Kaleidopete !
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  5. huffster

    huffster Well-Known Member

    Anybody been there lately that can share conditions?
  6. smachski

    smachski New Member

    Mahlon was a 3 out of 4 today. Singletrack was close to 4 but a few trails like four birds, and ghost the rocks were still wet and thus slickery! :) they should be dried out by saturday.
  7. huffster

    huffster Well-Known Member

    Thanks I went today to see for myself and agree with your rating
  8. Eddie Z

    Eddie Z Member

    Morris County
    I went in on Friday. Generally conditions were good. Some soft spots, and a couple of mud puddles in the usual spots. Didn't need the fenders though. Recent windstorms have littered the trails with more than the usual amount of small branches and sticks, mostly ignorable...some kick-away-able. I cut out a few small trail obstructing tree falls. Anyway, let the games begin!
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