Magellan (Mio) Cyclo 505, with heart rate, speed/cadence, mounts, etc

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Selling my Cyclo 505--well cared for, and fully functional... It doesn't record stationary workouts, and that's really all I have time for right now, so, there you go.

I'm including a (used, clean) heart rate strap, tie-on sensor, magnets, case protector, charging cord/wall wart, and both mount styles: an out-front/over-stem mount, and one that zip-tires wherever you want it.

-Full on-board routing capabilities
-Full color touchscreen (not capacitive, works with gloves)
-Current 8-12 hour battery life

Computer software is on the device--connect it, copy from files, and install. A companion app for phone connectivity is available for Android, not sure about Apple.

When they released this, it was their answer to the Garmin Edge 1000.


looking for $175 for the lot.
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