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    Allamuchies - so where was I? North Allamuchy? All I know from my file is I rode lumpy bumpy:

    Where should I have turned to not end up at a dead end farm?

    And then here, what part of Allamuchy was this - specifically the double blue marked trail - it got really tech up into rock formations, then dropped down into a fairy tale land of green moss and ferns - pretty cool. I dropped off but it kept going - on the map it's the trail directly north of Jefferson lake and starts after that little dead end I hit to the east:
  2. mattybfat

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    @rick81721 you really can't do north unless you ride with someone who knows.

    You were in an area that I didn't even know existed, then you also ran into church property.

    Definitely hit me or someone who knows the park to get a full proper.
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  3. rick81721

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    Thanks, will do. I need to ride more places, the total number of different parks I've hit so far is very lame. And I'm used to riding places where you can't really get lost/far away from civilization.
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    @rick81721 Feel free to hit me up in the future too if you would like. I don't have the years Mattyb and some others have in North, but living here with a green trail entrance at my doorstep I've spent the last few years figuring the place out. The awesome part is that there is practically an unlimited number of potential loops. The unmarked stuff is the best stuff but also the most intimidating to go riding if your not sure where you're going. I've spent a lot of time comparing my strava maps to the jorba map....its almost as much fun as the ride itself. That Jorba map is pretty good btw. It can be a real challenge when the rocks are wet but once you learn the general lay of the land you can definitely pick loops that meet your comfort level based on conditions.
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    double blue? Not sure I know a double blue. That's the beauty of 'mooch north. Been riding there for years and could most likely still get lost if I tried hard enough. In my early days of riding here, I got so lost as to which way was north or south I came upon the same fork in the trails 3 times. I just gave up and headed out and wound up in the Tranquillity side up a bit from the 157Pub towards 206. I knocked on a gentleman's door to ask where in the heck I was only because I was running out of daylight. How were conditions?
  6. rick81721

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    Yeah it's amazing how big that whole area is. A completely different scale compared to parks around here. There was alot of water on the lower trails, but higher was fine. Wet/slick leaves and moss on rocks made some climbing challenging
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    Fort Lee?
    You should have made a left on the white. :popcorn:

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