Looking for suggestions for roofer, bathroom work in Monmouth County

Karate Monkey

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As above. We're looking for recommendations for some work that we can't/don't want to undertake ourselves.

The girlfriend's parents have had the roof "repaired" 3 times in the last five years, and each time it has continued leaking in the same spot, so we're looking for reputable, preferably local, people who are willing to stand behind their work, not disappear the first time we have a rain storm.

Also looking for someone to fix one bathroom, and more or less, tear apart another. The one needs some tile work in the shower stall, the other pretty much needs to be burned down to start over.

Names appreciated, etc :)


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Maybe check in with @Flaubert ?

He had some good family help - but might have made some connections.
Yeah, i had some family help but roofing isn’t their thing... I do know that my old neighbor and sons in Middletown are roofers, they did my last homes roof after sandy. I can reach out to him for you if you’d like. As far as bathrooms, my father in law is slammed with work and is just starting a new bathroom on ocean ave at our friends aunts home. I can get you a number if you’d like. I will say this, they do great custom work, along with custom work comes a sticker price... but they can always work within the home owners budget. Either way, it doesn’t hurt to reach out. Message me and I can send you some #’s


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Dan Chasey Roofing in Long Branch. 732-222-5505. Referred to me by a good friend, did my roof a few years ago. Good price, good work, on schedule.
For bath, Hugh Doherty at Dayspring Construction built my 2nd bathroom and I've worked with him on a few projects over the years. Absolutely reputable. 732-687-4630