Looking for a riding partner(s)

hey all, 54 here and local to six mile and able to ride mid-week. work a rotating schedule as well, and usually find myself riding solo,might be nice to interact with other humans.
I'm available this Monday and Tuesday..inbox me. I been dying to hit aillaire state park haven't been there in years.
Welcome to the 40 something club, plenty here in 50s and 60s as well who can still crush it. Join the Out of Shape rides on here. I'm traveling and don't want to look for it on my phone but someone will point the way. When I get back Frank will be giving lessons on one handed wheelies.
One handed wheelies sounds a bit dangerous
Had a nice group ride yesterday at Aillaire,was pretty fun. I still love 6 miles flow better. Anyone wanna plan something for tomorrow or possibly next week??