Long Branch Beach race by the Peddlar


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Was planning on doing this but its going to be a day-of decision for me. Burned up my lungs riding with a cold last sunday. Felt better today and went out for an easy lunch spin. Resting tomorrow and saturday...fingers crossed


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I did this event in 2015. Had a great time getting my ass kicked.
They started by saying it was 8 miles. That changed to 10 miles,
that changed to an actual 12 miles, whew! The surprise comes when
you turn around and get hit with the head wind. I DNF'd but still had fun.
and a free drink (Jack Daniels) on the house for entering.

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Good luck, this is gonna be brutal with the air temp and NW wind.
@rustynuts you should try a short track race in the next two weeks. Perfect for your first race. Fat bike class, a not so climby course and short 40 min race time. And on the beach race....where were you? 30 people had a blast fighting a head wind in 14 degree weather on a beautiful beach!