KS Lev Rebuild?


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Has anyone local tried servicing their KS dropper cartridge? I know KS says it's "unserviceable" but there is a pretty big thread about it on MTBR. Just wondering if anyone local has tried it.
Yup. I did it for my Supernatural using what seem to be the go-to online instructions. Took me a year to actually motivate on it but once in I finished it in less than an hour, I think, and it's all still working (guess I shouldn't have procrastinated so much). Everything was reasonably straight forward, save getting the Internal Floating Piston seated back into the tube, which the online guide makes a point about being a PIA (PRO TIP - If you get it lodged in the tube and can't slide out you can use a blast from a compressor down the middle tube to unseat). Was shocked that using the bit of a shifter-tube liner over a standard ball needle would work to fill it but it worked quite nicely (albeit slowly). Let me know if you've got other Qs. Good luck.
You should. I got stuck worrying that I wouldn't be able to finish and have to leave the post exploded in my garage (recipe for disaster) but don't think you'll have any trouble with it.