Keep Mike “Lucky” Lukowiak in your thoughts.

Lucky camped with us at the last 24 hours of allamuchy. He told ghost stories for hours and hours. He's never not been excited to see me and always always in a good mood and super nice to me. Such a unique guy.
I'm so sorry Ryan. I wish I could say something meaningful but I'm just so sad thinking of you. the two of you were always together.
So sorry.


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Sorry for your loss, Ryan.

"You think your friends and loved ones are going to be there forever and the next minute they're gone... forever."

RIP Lucky


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Wow. Shocking that such finality can come out of nowhere and deliver such a blow.

I will say some prayers for family and loved ones.


PS : not sure if there was any chance to get a hint of something amiss prior in this case but I’d like to remind folks if possible to have a comprehensive annual physical.


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PS : not sure if there was any chance to get a hint of something amiss prior in this case but I’d like to remind folks if possible to have a comprehensive annual physical.
No early indications. The dr said it was purely bad luck. Get an annual and learn cpr. You never know what will happen.


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I didn't ride with Lucky much, but I met him several years ago and we always chatted when we saw each other on rides or passing in the trails. He was such a nice guy and always brought a smile to my face. I am so sorry for those of you (@xc62701, and his family) who are hurting. This is so sad to hear.
Sorry @xc62701 . Thinking back I actually met him at Mooch short track. We all did that brutal after ride in the snow. I kept asking if Lucky was gonna be alright. Ryan was like “he’ll be fine”. I learned this to be true as he always trooped through. He entered NUEs and although not the fastest he was the type who I wouldn’t invision ever not finishing. Ride on Lucky. You will be missed.


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Yes, this is crushing. I am so very sorry.
Mike and family are in my thoughts and prayers.
My deepest sympathy to family and friends.
This news made me so sad. I only had a few brief opportunities to chat with him, but he was such a likable guy. My condolences and continued thoughts to Ryan, and Mike's family and friends.


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Really sad to hear. Condolences to Mike's family and Ryan. I am told that Mike was a part of JORBA's founding way back in the day. I am thankful for his contribution to our community and sad to have not made his acquaintance.

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Wow- didn’t know him but can understand the sorrow the family is absorbing. As much as it sucks it’s a reminder that waking up in the morning is a gift in itself.

Rest Easy.


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Man I loved those days racing cat 2 with him... Especially in the beginning when we were both slow and laughing at how bad it sucked. He was a genuinely nice guy and always had a great story. Always could count on him for some entertainment. Tragic

Ryan, I'm sad for your loss... Your efforts to save him were nothing short of heroic.... Really sad it didn't work out


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This is a huge loss for our cycling community. I am very sad for the loss Lucky's friends and family have experienced; especially Ryan who seemed to be the number one sidekick. These photos represent some really good times, riding bikes in the dirt and feeling the wind at our back.

Cool photos. Those were really fun days.
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