Jr MTB Ride @ Allaire - RAIN DELAY OCT 15

Which date works best?

  • October 14

    Votes: 5 83.3%
  • October 21

    Votes: 1 16.7%

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I Get Jokes
There was quite a bit of interest in another Jr bike ride after the great turnout we had for the Schilling ride. Seems like these two weekends were best for most.

Figured the earlier we get on the radar the better. Let me know which date works best and we'll go with the most attendance.

If the 14th wins, we'll use the 21st as a rain date.

1) This is not sanctioned by MTBNJ or JORBA, just parents planning to ride bikes with other parents & their kids.
2) Not babysitting either, kids need a chaperone.
3) Also taking votes in a FB group and word of mouth, so the results here may not dictate actual ride date. Please post if you have friends with kids who want a vote but aren't members.

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I Get Jokes
So the 14th took a strong lead here and elsewhere.

We're going with an 11am start; no reason to have the kids roll out of bed at 5 am to make this ride for you guys coming from out of town.

Also starting planning for a November ride. Maybe change it up and hit 6mile or Mercer (open to suggestions).


I Get Jokes
@Matt_ Oct 14 is definite? want me to add it to the what's happening thread?
Yup, weather permitting of course! :)
Would be great to add to the thread. Maybe we should call it a Jr Beginner/Intermediate MTB ride so people get the impression that it's a "kids" ride, but will want to ask questions like "wait, it says intermediate too.... will my kid be OK on a 12in coaster brake bike?" (speaking from experience when my son's friend came on a ride and his parents sent him with a 50lb one speed Walmart special bmx bike that didn't even have working brakes....)

could someone add it to facebook as an event? Easier to pass that around.
Yeah I'll do that! And if you havent seen it, we have a group: