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  1. KenS

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    Mays Landing
    Simple answer: we haven't yet found a way to survive with the massive budget tax that comes with chapter membership. We still send our club affiliate membership annually, and maintain comms with them. I am co-presenting with Anthony Duncan from IMBA at the NEMBA Summit in April and plan to discuss the issue. A unified voice is always stronger, but we have to look after local issues first.
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    Madison, NJ
    Just renewed!!! Thanks for the reminder email(s).
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  3. bm1981

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    First time JORBA member, looking to get after at in the Res when we are needed
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  4. Karate Monkey

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    A Jorband (tm) classes up any ride:

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  5. Kirt

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    Jorba is having membership drive:

    Jorba advocates, builds and maintains trails in New Jersey strictly with a volunteer base. Many come out and give their time, others make donations, some do both- but all do their part with one common goal, to better NJ mountain biking for us all. Joining Jorba with as little as $25 makes a huge difference, so PLEASE take a moment and renew your membership OR join us for the first time--trust me you will not regret it! Join now, and let us know- just leave a one word comment; Member, Renewed, Joined! The trails thank you!
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    Facebook shared that ****.


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