Johnny Utah's September Challenge

Discussion in 'Rides, Races and Events' started by Johnny Utah, Sep 1, 2016.

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  3. DownhillR3

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    New Jersey
    9/28 Ride:

    Probably my last ride for the month as i'm building up my new road bike tonight, NO MORE WALMART BIKE riding... well except for when I show up to Group Rides with all the fancy dancy roadies, i'll bring the Walmart bike just to show it doesn't matter how fancy your gear is, can still hang. Building up and tuning the new DH rig tomorrow.

    September: 23 Rides
    Days: 17 days
    Miles: 458.1 Miles
    Elevation: 34,512ft. (Do I win the most climbing ;))
    Hours: 36 Hours and 45 minutes of moving time (rough calculation in my head from

    @Johnny Utah thanks for this month long challenge, its a great idea and especially thought on those few days I was like, "ahh, maybe i'll take today off from pedaling", this thread had me go for it and do a few extra days of riding this month normally wouldn't have done.
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  4. ReggieHammond

    ReggieHammond Well-Known Member

    Although I was psyched to play along with everyone, I fell short of the finish line.

    Here are my stats based on my Strava......

    September: 13 Rides
    Days: 13 days
    Miles: 268.0 Miles
    Elevation: 14,512ft.
    Hours: 17 Hours and 05 minutes of moving time

    A big Thank You to @Johnny Utah & @mattybfat to taking the initiative to put this together!!!!

    Hoping my October allows me even more time on the saddle.
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  5. jackx

    jackx Well-Known Member

    image.jpeg image.jpeg 9/28
    Moving Time: 2:03:12

    Only had some time in the morning to ride. It was sunny just when I was starting, but then was cloudy for the entire ride. I decided to ride without eating beforehand. Riding on an 11-hour fast is not usually challenging for me, but I really felt flat this time. I brought a meal bar with me and ate half of it after riding for a little over 1 hour.
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  6. Kaleidopete

    Kaleidopete Well-Known Member

    Moe Mountain
    @Johnny Utah
    Thanks for the challenge, it was great fun to try for every day. But I can’t ride on the last day of the challenge. back in July I took that challenge and I managed to do 19 days in a row, then the obstacle! The spine surgery I needed became available to me on the 19th of July and I had to go with it and drop out. Now I’m in for the September challenge and again a problem.
    Since the July surgery I have still been in pain with no improvement, that surgery did nothing to relieve my pain. I’ve not been able to walk more than fifty feet without taking a break. But strangely enough I HAVE been able to ride my bike regularly. It must be the position. But since my first operation even bike riding is getting harder to do. I’ve been seeing my surgeon for the last six weeks or so trying to figure out why I have no improvement. After another MRI and a nerve test we see the problem, my nerve is still pinched behind a spinal bone that was not originally seen and I need another operation, this one is a little more invasive and will require at least a two day stay.
    I was able to ride every day in September, right up to the day before surgery, but I’m scheduled for surgery at 7:30 AM, that shoots the day! So 29 days for me, done.
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  7. Juggernaut

    Juggernaut Well-Known Member

    Good luck Pete!

    Look on the bright side, you can finally stop riding the "shit-bike"! ;)
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  8. Johnny Utah

    Johnny Utah Well-Known Member

    Dude, well done!!!!!!! Heal up, I will update the list tomorrow.

    You are a beast, much respect!
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  9. jpn

    jpn Active Member

    dover nj
    26 4 29

    Hour 15 min road ride Swartzwood lake area of Sussex county

    Between weather forecast and work, not looking good for a ride tomorrow KIMG0004.jpg KIMG0003.jpg KIMG0005.jpg
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  10. jackx

    jackx Well-Known Member

    Sorry to hear that @Kaleidopete . Wishing you have a speedy recovery. I can't help but wonder how much better the Shit Bike was for your back than your regular hard tail. Johnny's Shit Bike looks really plush! You should get extra points for riding with a diagnosed pinched nerve in you spine.
  11. Frank

    Frank Sasquatch

    Thanks for the carrot @Johnny Utah ! Sadly, I missed 3 days this week alone but it was great fun to play along. I was hoping to throw a big road ride in there but lost the ambition after one of the guys to ride it with me got hit by a car. Funny how that never happens in the woods, so I think I will stick to the woods for a while. Now I. Will do my best to challenge myself for October, then November, etc

    I really enjoyed seeing the pics from all the rides and I wish @Kaleidopete a speedy recovery.
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  12. jackx

    jackx Well-Known Member

    image.jpeg 9/29
    Moving time: 2:09:12

    Was going to ride for about an hour, but the rain never came, so I took the opportunity to check out some side streets that I often pass, but never bother to check out.

    The only picture I took is of this sign for the Cider Mill. It should be opening very soon for the season, perhaps this coming weekend.
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  13. Johnny Utah

    Johnny Utah Well-Known Member

    As of right now.......

    2351 Johnny Utah
    2491 jackx
    1906 frank
    1412 1shot
    2171 kaleidopete
    199 jmanic
    1049 Ejphotos
    2083 Downhill R3
    240 wschruba
    504 vreeland
    1614 David Taylor
    1207 ReggieHammond
    1455 jpn
    1845 Norm
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  14. David Taylor

    David Taylor Rex kwan Do

    Is this minutes?
  15. Frank

    Frank Sasquatch

    Mine are in hundreds of miles ;)
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  16. Johnny Utah

    Johnny Utah Well-Known Member

    And the winner is..................

    @Kaleidopete with 29!!!! - PM me your address.

    Honorable mentions go to @Frank and @jpn for 26 days.

    Most time goes to @jackx with 2,491 minutes

    Longest time in the saddle goes to @David Taylor with 533 minutes.

    Well done all, thanks for the love and participation!

    Hopefully someone throws in for another event.
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  17. David Taylor

    David Taylor Rex kwan Do

    Thx @Johnny Utah , now get a fst bike again!
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  18. Kaleidopete

    Kaleidopete Well-Known Member

    Moe Mountain
    I got my Chipotle food card in the mail. Thanks for the prize, now lets eat!
  19. jpn

    jpn Active Member

    dover nj
    Any time I can get mentioned with someone as cool as Frank, I'll take it!

    I like to think of myself as an honorary wookie.

    Congrats to kaleidopete!
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  20. Kaleidopete

    Kaleidopete Well-Known Member

    Moe Mountain
    @Johnny Utah
    Oh...I forgot to mention bragging rights too!
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