Indoor/Outdoor Winter 2018-2019


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post here and get flamed? not sure where the motivation is. Guess i should put up a little play-by-play.
some big numbers are starting to add-up.
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Funny enough I meant to try and post to this but being a newbie I have not. Then I realized that for the duration of this event (starting Dec 24th i think) I actually have not ridden the trainer once (technically not since Dec 18th). Looks like that will come to an end soon since this week the weather looks like crap and my back has been flaring up, but if I dont spin and keep moving I will fall into bad habits. Being I have been off work for a few weeks, I have not had my laptop handy so this is probably why I didnt post anything here too.

So it will be great to get something going on this thread, so here's a re-cap of the last few weeks. I tend to ramble so this will just be the highlights to police myself.

In hindsight I wished this started one week prior, I was able to catch up with some long lost friends and the weather cooperated for my first Winter Solstice Century ride (a few days early since the rain was coming) on December 19th. It started cold (22F) but it was sun and zero wind all day so it made it manageable.

Heading into the last week of December I was about 80 miles short of my annual combined miles goal. Being the company I work for is closed between xmas and New years, I had planned some miles to meet the goal.

Dec 26th
35.5 Miles
moving time 2:16
elapsed time 2:37

Did some roads I know often and some others I dont to try and mix it up. I was cold and feeling slow in the wind but it was good to be outside.

Dec 27th
46 miles (goal achieved 6003 miles)
Moving time 3:03
elapsed time 3:29
Two big decisions on this ride - which way to go and should I go for the annual goal solo, or leave some miles for the weekend and get it done with the group (more fun less work). Based on the nice weather I decided to go for the annual goal, but in my excitement I got full of myself and picked a route which I had not done since the end of summer. Much harder in the colder temps and more layers of clothes. I was kicking myself at mile 30 I had to climb a long road and i was running out of energy so I just slogged my way thru it. Felt good to overachieve my annual goal again, I have only reached over 6,000 miles once before.

This posting is getting too long, so if this is the spirit of the thread to tell the story and show some pics, then I can add some more.




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Until thermal management circuitry knocks it down to 1/3 the power so it doesn't self destruct...

Still a cool looking light, though. I almost bought one.
Till you saw the price. $242 is a nice chunk of change. I'll try this in my head. Ok, got it. $16.5289256198 per Lum. Sounds high .