If I were to CROSS...what do I need to know?

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  1. David Taylor

    David Taylor Rex kwan Do

    Another year and I am still CXcurious. I have 4 race bike options. Top Fuel MTB geared, Superfly SS MTB , Domane road bike with 28mm tires or fixie road bike. I am thinking Hippocross as Lambertville rocks! If I do gears what class do I enter?
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  2. pearl


    LOL show up on your road bike for epic ness

    @Delish made a post a while ago isn't it a sticky somewhere?

    Run the geared mtb, what is your race cat on usac? You could auto upgrade to cat 3 if you are cat 1 mtb.

    Correct me if I'm wrong, or do cat 5 as a noob. But with your fitness you'd be fine racing cat 3
  3. jShort

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    Glen Gardner
    Try to borrow a cross bike. If not, the trek fuel.

    I'm not sure what rules say with regards to going from MTB to cx, but I think the 4s or 40+ 4s would be the right place to dip your toes.
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  4. fidodie

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    stay out of the 4/5 40+ race. bad things will happen.

  5. Mountain Bike Mike

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    Oh - throw out all that long endurance fit and go buy some short high end hammer fitness. Like 10-20 second hammer strength
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  6. fidodie

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