Hudson River Waterfront Walkway


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I might try to head out there this long weekend after these rains stop
Looking at the maps, seems like starting from around Port Liberte would work as it extends north with no interuptions
Need to find parking, are there free parking spots by the Cochrane Stadium to the west?

If not, I guess Liberty State Park would work, could drop off kids there then ride for a few hours

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Once you get away from the hospital you should be able to find free parking on the street.

There's also a shopping center (Old Colony Square), where you might be able to park.

There's nothing by the Science Center or Light Rail. It's all metered/pay parking.
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The Squirrel

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the other thing you can try is parking at the Weehawken waterfront park by the Lincoln tunnel. Shortens the ride a bit, but you can then avoid JC/Hoboken (def. avoidable).