Hello everyone!


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Welcome. Get him hooked up with the Jr MTB group as @MadisonDan said to get some early skills then when he hits 6th grade And you get him on a NICA team he will be begging you to go for rides. Oh and then you will get in shape too trying to keep up with him. 😬

Seriously tho NICA is the real deal now just finished the 3rd season and I think they had 500 kids registered. You can always go and find the local team and volunteer next season even if he can’t race yet you can still get involved.

Ride on.
Bummer we meet at the hospital road lot for a nice cruise which beacuse of the rain today I think we are going to go out for a Wednesday roll stay tuned.
I also go out on the weekends early.
Saturday morning early could work for me. I am heading to Allaire Wednesday morning with a buddy who's ridden it quite a bit. So hopefully he can show me around a bit. But if you're ever looking to ride a early Saturday morning just let me know.