Has anyone found this place in Mooch?


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If not him then I would say it was you and S back in the day...


I have heard about it before and remember reading about it in the history of Deer Park, but have never seen these buildings. It says the mansion burnt down a long time ago as was bulldozed.


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Right by tranquility lot as you go up the start of white you bang a left. Pretty crazy but I bet brett knows the artists who are responsible.


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I stumbled onto this place when hiking a few years ago. My son was in the backback and thankfully too young to read. It's crazy to see the pic of the estate. Very cool !! Walking around in there was so creepy. I never went back.


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Oh yes the infamous "Fuck you house." Whoever is responsible is either a sociopath or a true artist. Some parts of the house have graffiti covering every square inch. It's definitely a lesson in the bizarre. With the trip.


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You have to check out the tower @ Greendell Station! I cant figure out how he even got to the places he painted. Yes ,he is a sociopath and no it wasn.t me.................