Hartshorne/Huber Conditions

We hit up Huber this morning and it was in good shape. A few areas of soft spots most were frozen or very crusty until I was near the end of my ride. I saw zero puddles on my route. I'm not sure how the rain tonight/tomorrow will change the report but the forecast is not wonderful.


aka sptimmy43
Rode Hartshorne & Huber today, conditions are great only a few mud spots.
I rode Harts yesterday and didn't even bother with the lower sections of Grand Tour or any of Rocky Point. It was as bad I have seen the place in a long time even with all the rain this year. I rode Huber today and it was great as mentioned. What a difference a day, some sun, and howling wind makes! Should be even better the next few days when it's frozen solid.
I'll agree- rode some of Huber and all of Hartshorne Thurs afternoon and it was mostly fine. Some stretches of soft ground and some spots of mud but pretty minor. The wind and dry air really helped. Ground should be frozen up now though