Hartshorne/Huber Conditions

Discussion in 'Hartshorne and Huber Woods Parks' started by jerzey111, May 21, 2011.

  1. AndyJ

    AndyJ Active Member

    Keansburg, NJ
    Setting aside the maintenance issues, conditions are quite good at Hartshorne and Huber. Even the Claypit section is almost totally dry (no standing water, just one small soft spot.)
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  2. rmap01

    rmap01 Member

    Thanks for the update! I was debating whether it was worth the trip.
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  3. Gnick

    Gnick Active Member

    rode hartshorne for the first time yesterday. absolutely incredible trail. cant wait to go back!
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  4. pygmypony

    pygmypony Active Member

    rode hartshorne/huber y'day and the place is in tip top shape...still cannot, however, clear the devils elbow...
  5. David Taylor

    David Taylor Rex kwan Do

    Dirt was tacky yesterday AM but trails are way overgrown and eroded. The worst I have seen in five years. Moved a tree that was down on grand tour, still another one down. Very sandy in the low spots. Maybe from short but heavy rains? Usually the sand comes and goes with a big rain but it's been getting sandier and sandier. Met a parks worker named Shay. He seemed open about teail maintenance. I mentioned contacting Jorba as the parks maintenance crew is perhaps too small and the 2-3 days a year they put in at Hartshorne is rarely more than 1/4 mile from a parking lot and doesn't come close to putting a dent on the entire trail system. Still fun to ride here but man foes the place need some work.
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  6. Jim & Val

    Jim & Val Active Member

    Rode Hartshorne Saturday conditions were surprisingly good... no standing water anywhere. There are some areas that need to be trimmed but overall not too bad. I'm probably in the minority but I enjoy the raw nature of the trails here.
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  7. RSabarese

    RSabarese Active Member

    Hit up Harts this am, not as overgrown as the thought but the erosion continues. Still fast and flowy in some sections. No mud or puddles to speak of during my ride.
  8. Karate Monkey

    Karate Monkey Well-Known Member

    I popped into Grand Tour last week. Holy hell, you aren't kidding about eroded. Granted, a bike not really appropriate for it, but downhill was still barely passable.

    They really need to let JORBA help them fix the park.
  9. johnnyrides

    johnnyrides Member

    Central NJ
    Nice riding out there today. Tough park with lots of rough rooty hills. 8 miles from Navesink Ave out to Rocky Point and God knows what I followed back.....Grand Tour?

    Good times......great workout.
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  10. sptimmy43

    sptimmy43 Member

    South Plainfield
    I ride Hartshorne a couple times a week as it is close to where I work. I have come to appreciate the ruggedness in a weird kind of way. I challenge myself to clear everything. I get a hell of a workout and it's making me a better rider.

    The best thing about Hartshorne this year is that it's rideable pretty much right after rain. It's very well drained.
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  11. sptimmy43

    sptimmy43 Member

    South Plainfield
    Rode Laurel Ridge, Cuestra Ridge, Grand Tour and Rocky Point today after work. It's dry...really dry. The sandy sections are deadly...
  12. sptimmy43

    sptimmy43 Member

    South Plainfield
    Conditions are great at Hartshorne. Recent rain has made the trails hook up great.

    On a side note I encountered a hiker who was visibly shaken yesterday. I am not trying to get up on my high horse but I always slow way down, yield plenty of room, and greet other trail users. The hiker was grateful for my courtesy but also mentioned the "guy in blue spandex who came at her like a bat out of hell and almost killed her dog." I would doubt it's anyone from here but I'll say it anyway...we can do better than that.
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  13. stilluf

    stilluf Well-Known Member

    Westfield NJ
    Thanks for sharing this. THe prevalence of hikers at Hart is one of the reasons I haven't ridden here in a while.
  14. sptimmy43

    sptimmy43 Member

    South Plainfield
    I am fortunate to work mere minutes from there so it has become my go to spot. On weekdays trail use is low so riding is pretty enjoyable. Weekends are another story....

    In a weird way I've come to appreciate the ruggedness of the trails.
  15. stilluf

    stilluf Well-Known Member

    Westfield NJ
    Agree - it's a great ride. plus we always stop at D'Allessio's for the Screaming Eagle sandwich afterwards. Delicious!!
  16. pooriggy

    pooriggy Well-Known Member Team MTBNJ Halter's

    While I do enjoy riding Hartshorne I would appreciate trails that where less rugged/eroded. The staircase climb to water tower, Laurel Ridge climbs(red dirt and blown out double track) in particular. You can look at it as a sense of accomplishment to climb these highly eroded fall line trails, hopping over roots and trying to gain traction on the sand however as someone who has scene a lot of trail work I envision something much better. Unfortunately the park system does not have this vision and is content with the trails as is.
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