Halter's Cycles -- (31/31) 2018 Edition .. RIDE 1hr a day, EVERY DAY for the month of July.. Win $100!!


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Day 10 - Didn't feel good all day, but decided to try my luck at the regular Tuesday night ride anyway. Actually felt pretty good after the first effort (that felt terrible - I had to stop after the first climb and catch my breath for about five minutes.) By the end of th night, I was feeling like my lungs finally opened up a bit ... I don't really get it, but I'll take it.

In a larger group, there are always issues that pause the ride ... fixing a flat in this case ...

Nice sunset tonight ...


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Day 9 we rode after work to the park and on the local river trail. Got out for 1:20 on the mtb's.

Day 10 we decided to ride 6 mile after work. Rode for 1:20 on the canal side and a bit in the canal path to and from the car. Saw a bunch of people out and was happy to see it was mostly dusty. It was crazy humid out there!


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I'm never alone, I'm alone all the time

These are the rides I really enjoy from these contests- the ones that just don't happen in the normal course of events.

Despite work blowing up on me, I was going to catch the soccer match today. Oh, and hey, I need to ride, so...

I mapped my course to ride to one bar for the first half, ride to a second bar during half time and then round out as necessary. I decided the singlespeed was the tool for the job, which really wasn't the case when I left 10 minutes later than I planned.
The bike is still geared 32x20 from SSAP 2 years ago, so it was spinny and slow getting where I needed to be-
Hamster, hamster, hamster....coast
Hamster, hamster, hamster....coast
Hamster, hamster, hamster....coast

Taking the "speed" out of singlespeed.
Missed the first goal, but caught most of the first half. The bar was packed, so I could hide out in a corner and just nurse a water bottle (too early for a drink).
Make it to bar #2 just as second half is kicking off. It's empty as I expected, so I order up a salad (the food is good here) and about 18 glasses of water.
Great game, glad to see Croatia advance. Hoping for a good final.

Then spun my way home, just in time to set the auto responder on the work email. Because they are dead to me until Monday.


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Day 11 is the first day of my mini-DH vacation. Today was Mt Snow, Vt. It’s a wee little mountain. Very old school UCI DH. The only groomed flow trial was closed ☹️

I don’t include lift distance/time/elevation on my DH rides, so the little elevation reported was me actually climbing up roads looking for rogue trails. I’m glad I went. It broke up the drive. But definitely not a destination place. The chairlift was fast! Although I’ve never seen anything like it before....one bike per seat propped onto
the back of the chair.


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Day 11 - Rode the Green Ribbon out to Ambler and came back along the roads. That was about as dry as I've ever seen the GRT.

The GRT takes the idea of "suburban singletrack" to a new level - sections literally run between neighborhood backyards

One of about half a dozen Wissahickon Creek crossings ...