H2H Categories


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Hi All.....I was looking at the registration page of a few races and it seems that the categories have changed. Is there another thread that might explain the thinking behind any of this? Looks like singlespeed is co-ed and open. Cat2 men has pretty limited age groups and Cat2 women there’s no ages, just open.


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Oh.....It’s been started.
MASS seems to be broken up how I remember. Was really curious because it doesn’t seem to make any sense.


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I’ll never understand why SS lopen laps are cat 2 length. This will mske ss guys race other classes IMO. What cat 1 guy wants to go back to cat 2?
Just forces you to race your age group or open sadly. You guys can all compare your times afterwards ;)

What kind of numbers did cat 1 SS pull? I always remember it at least being 7-10 people.

If it makes y’all feel any better, they combine the pro category and cat 1 19-39 for XC... FART NOISE