H2H #4: The Stewart Poison Ivy Mousetrap


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Well that was one incredibly awesome and incredibly long day. Huge thanks to everyone for coming out and making me remember why spending hours pushing a mower thru poison ivy fields is all worth it. Great seeing all of you and I hope everyone had a good day/race.

Big shot out to our grill masters @jmanic @rottin' as im putting calamine lotion all over my legs this morning, I think I still prefer this to standing behind that grill all day :)

Glad to hear all of the positive feed back on the course. @Norm and I considered a total revamp this year with many trails we wouldnt normally use....more hills, tech, etc....Then we went up and rode and were like "wtf are we thinking..THIS IS WHY WE COME HERE!" and went back to the good, typical stewart flowy stuff. Although by lap 3, everything felt like a climb lol.

ok fathers day stuff to do today...more on this later....keep the recaps and feedback coming....Direct all negative feedback to @Norm s personal cell # PM me and ill give it to you :)


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